Our Story

Protein, broccoli, rice, repeat. Let's be honest, healthy eating can get a little boring sometimes

I'm Chris, and I created Bronte Blends to change that. Like so many of us, I always struggled to make meals that were healthy, tasted great and could be made in the 25 minutes of spare time I had after work. When trying to count calories and macros, I found that I'd always revert to simple meals (read: chicken, broccoli and rice) but I'd quickly get bored of eating the same foods.

It's no secret that great seasoning is what can turn simple food into amazing meals. But often this means complicated recipes with 1/2  tsp of 10 different spices, most of which are buried at the back of my cupboard. Or using store-bought blends with fillers, anti-caking agents or other nasties. 

That's where the idea for Bronte Blends was born - I wanted to create seasoning blends that could turn good food into great meals with nothing else besides what was in the packet. 

Each of the signature Bronte Blends are the result of countless hours in the kitchen with the best quality, natural ingredients I could find. I've been through endless recipe combinations and most importantly, taste tests!

I finally feel like I've found my secret ingredient, and I'm so excited to share it with you.